Like Cinderella

“There was no high school in Port Kembla so we went by bus over the Tom Thumb Lagoon because back then the road that goes to Wollongong didn’t exist.

“You’d go down near where the station is, Old Port Road, and across this rattly old Tom Thumb Bridge. On the western side of the bridge was this concrete building and I used to make up all sorts of stories in my mind.

“I thought it was a castle and I imagined prancing around there like Cinderella with ballet shoes on, weaving in and out of the columns…”

– Robyn Stubbs (née Paull), 12 August 2016

Photo of clay pumps located at Tom Thumb Lagoon (c.1940s) from the collections of the Wollongong City Libraries and the Illawarra Historical Society. (P06074)