A bit of a time warp

“One of the nice things about this street is it’s a bit of a time warp for architecture. If you have a good walk in the street, you’ll see virtually every kind of architecture that Australia’s used from early federation through to the 1930s and 40s Art Deco. If you have a look at the facade of this building, it’s an Art Deco building. Even across the road, you can see that the architecture that they used to have in the 70s where you move the big vertical blinds on the side of the building. The one next door to it, the butchery, that’s 1920. We get amazing architecture in this street, I just hope that the street doesn’t change in terms of the facades. It’s very rare to walk down one end of a street to another to find all those different periods in architecture.”

– Tom Goulder, Duck Print Fine Art Limited Editions

DSC_4525 copy

Photo: Nina Kourea