Just a facade

“My husband and I bought number 43 about 12 years ago. And the attached shop next door, 45, which is on the wall of the old picture theatre, we bought that two years later. We hadn’t been for a few months and there was no picture theatre there anymore because it had burnt down and it had been just a façade and they were supposed to save it but then they just let it go so long that Council made them pull it down because it was a danger. But we didn’t know that, we just arrived and there was this empty space and our wall was really scarred. But people really loved it because it was so tortured.”

– Toni Noud, property owner, 1 Nov 2017

Photo of the facade of the Whiteway Theatre c.1990s from the collections of the Wollongong City Libraries and the Illawarra Historical Society. P15995.