A small poem

“I wrote a poem for Mount Keira, it’s called Grandmother’s Hat. It’s only a small poem. It’s just observations and imagination, it’s got nothing to do with anything other than what I saw in my head that day. I was stopped at a traffic light facing Mount Keira at Fairy Meadow and it was one of those drizzly Sunday afternoons and there was a lot of cloud about but there must have been some humidity. I looked up and there’s Mount Keira and there was just this big fuzzy cloud all around the peak. It was like a beanie and I thought, ‘Oh, Grandmother’s got her hat on, she must be going out’. I’m sitting in the car at the traffic light and I rummaged and found a docket and I’m scribbling on the back of the docket and that’s what I call one of my ‘Docket Poems’.”

– Aunty Barbara Nicholson, 12 March 2016

Photo of Wentworth Street in 2016 with Mount Keira in the distance by Nina Kourea