Best beer on the coast

“I did a few firsts. I was the first publican in the Illawarra to use chilled glasses. I found out in Queensland that when you asked for a drink, they pulled a glass out of the fridge. When I came back to Port Kembla I started doing that and everyone said, ‘Guinery’s have the best beer on the coast’ and it was all because of the chilled glasses. I was also the first one to put carpet on a public bar and carpet on the floor, to make it more like a club.”

Steve Guinery, 13 July 2017, Publican at The Port Kembla Hotel (Guinery’s) from 1970 – 1990. Pub was managed by the Guinery family for more than 50 years (1935 – 1990).

Photo of Guinery’s Hotel (aka Port Kembla Hotel)  from the collections of the Wollongong City Libraries and the Illawarra Historical Society. (P15982)