“I started working for Steve and Rhonda around 1974. I celebrated my 21st birthday in the pub. What an amazing day, one big party. Steve shouted the bar twice that day, once for the lunch time crowd and then again in the afternoon. The place was packed.

“There are many great stories that I could share, but there’s one in particular: Grouse was an old fella probably in his 70s, who used to frequent the pub. Grouse was a lovely man, as strong as an ox, a very hard worker and always wore a South Sydney (Rabbitos) jumper. Grouse had been a boxer in his day and the effects of this had left him with what we called “Punch Drunk”.

“This particular day Grouse was drinking his usual pints when all of a sudden he moved to the end of the bar and started sparring with an imaginary opponent. Steve was nowhere to be seen. The bar erupted, yelling and stirring Grouse on. It was such a great fight with Grouse being hit and even knocked down, which only increased the noise, with everyone screaming at him to “get up”, “hit him harder”, encouraging him on even more.

“Well, suddenly the door flew open and Steve appeared, looking over the top of his glasses and walked straight up to Grouse and sat him down in the corner saying “that’s enough”. The bar fell silent as everyone knew Steve didn’t appreciate too much noise, but we were all disappointed. Then Steve asked me for a towel, walked back to Grouse, waved the towel to cool him off, wiped the perspiration off him, turned to the crowd, lifted his hand and shouted ‘ROUND TWO!’. Grouse continued the fight and the bar exploded again but much louder this time. Such a laugh.

“I have so many fond of memories and so much respect for Steve Guinery and I’m sure there are so many other do as well.”

– Janelle Derbyshire (nee York)

– photo of Janelle York with Steve Guinery in the 1970s