The lowest point

“It was disappointing for everybody who was a Port Kembla original person to see the deterioration of the town. It was very disappointing because we knew what the good times were like. I think the lowest point was when the street was inundated with prostitutes and drugs. People were solicited in the street and there were fights in the street. A friend of mine was at the post office one Saturday morning when a fight started between a prostitute and a client and it evolved straight into the post office and she had to hide behind the counter. I drove down the street once and my car was stopped in the middle of the street by some hoons and they started banging on the roof and I just sat there and didn’t do anything. They were all high on something. All that sort of thing went on.  It’s a lot better now. It’s a lot better. But it was really bad.”

– Peggy Stransky, 21 November 2015