Mayfair worthy

“I did my apprenticeship in Sydney at Pearson’s, I’ve worked overseas and have done amazing stuff with my career, worked for some of the greatest New York couture designers and everyone says, ‘you should be in the QVB in Sydney or somewhere like that’. But my motto is, ‘just because we’re on Old Kent Road doesn’t mean we’re not Mayfair worthy’. And that’s the way that I choose to look at us.

“We’re now 83% owned by women here in the town. I came to the realization that we’re bringing this town back and we’re all girls. I have three daughters, and my desire to feed my children, educate my children and for my girls to go on to be bigger, better, stronger, to have more of an impact on their community as women, is my driving force. If I lead by example, hopefully they’ll follow suit.”

– Renay Horton, 12 April 2016

Photo by Nina Kourea