My heart and soul is here

“I’ve travelled and come back and lived in Port Kembla and I want to stay in Port Kembla, because my heart and soul is here. Everything that I love is on my doorstep. I know everyone here, I don’t have to go and establish myself in a new area. My husband wanted to come and live here when we got married. He’s from Thirroul, so I was expecting to move out, but he said, ‘No, no’ – this is back in the early 80s – he goes, ‘No, I’m coming’ to live in Port. Port, it’s different’. So, even he from the northern suburbs could see that this is where he wanted to come and live because it was different, he was always drawn to mixed cultures. And then we ended up staying and then we bought our home, we stayed in Port, tried to leave a few times but it never happened.”

– Nella Keenan, 21 November 2015

Photo by Nina Kourea