So Vibrant

“Probably one of my most traumatic experiences was my first ever job in Wentworth Street. That’s a scary experience when you’re young. I worked at Malouf’s haberdashery and menswear which was across the road around about where Tom Goulder is with his printing business. It was quite an experience because those days, as a junior, you had to sweep the footpath out the front, sweep the shop out, do all the messages, go to the post office, post everything. Any alterations, you had to run with the suit, or whatever, to the tailor to alter it so you were always out on the street and anything else that was needed besides learning to work in the shop.  He was the owner of the shop, the Malouf family of Wollongong. Port Kembla was so vibrant you could shop for anything, whether you were buying records or whether you were buying material or clothing or anything you wanted. We all sort of started off locally because our mothers got us different jobs because it was something to do over the Christmas period and keep us out of their hair I think. Yeah, so there were opportunities there for us as young people.”

Dulcie dal Molin, Red Point Artists, 29 January 2016

Photo by Nina Kourea