Meant to be

“My brother was dying at the time in Winton, Queensland and I’d gone up there to see him. He said, ‘I know you’ve been having it tough and if you need any help with some money, I can give you a hand’. He was days away from dying. And I said, ‘no, no I’m fine, it’s all going ahead, this is all going to happen’. I’ve walked to the car, after saying goodbye to him, got in the car and my solicitor rings to say, ‘you don’t have enough money to buy this place in Port’. And I said, ‘but my house in Mount Keira is worth more than the house at Port, how can that be?’. And he said, ‘you have to pay your loan out first before you can purchase the one at Port because they’re two different loans, there’s a gap here’. I said ‘ok, just a minute’. I got out of the car, walked back to see my brother and I said, ‘you know that money you said I could borrow?’

For me it was like, meant to be, you know? And that’s the sort of thing I think happens here. I have this belief that we go full circle in our life and energetically we go where we’re meant to go if we are willing. We find the places where we’re meant to be.”

– Jan Hunter, Alchemy Health, 9 March 2017

Photo by Nina Kourea