It’s a funny thing

“I was born in Port Kembla, down in First Avenue. Not many people around in those days, 1920, that’s a long time ago. And to be born at home, I think that’s what happened to people then. There wasn’t too much in the way of medical here at all. The doctor was in Wollongong and you had to go to Wollongong to see him. He did have a surgery on the corner of Military Road and he used to come once a week or something. The house has long since gone.

“I was in First Avenue for five years. I was a five year old when we moved to O’Donnell Street and I lived in O’Donnell Street til we were married.  It’s a funny thing, I met Cec at the shop where Meals on Wheels are now in Wentworth Street, then he went off to the war. When we got married, we came here to Donaldson Street in ‘49. We built this house and came here…”

Kathleen Catterall, 16 June 2016

Photo of Cec Catterall (on the right) provided by Kathleen Catterall

Photos of Meals on Wheels, Wentworth Street Port Kembla 2017