She’s got a good ear

“I decided I was going to do music.  I struggled a bit for many years and then I got my AMusA. I taught piano. I learned privately from the nuns, not with the school, and I did all my exams through the conservatorium. The examiners would descend on you. The examiners would come down and a whole group of us would have to go. I won an award when I was 10 or 11 or something, it was for achieving one of the highest marks in Australia for a 10 year old, or whatever age I was.

“I was nowhere near as good as my friend. I’ve got a friend who still can play. I like my music, I like to read music but I’m not very good at remembering it. Some things I do but I prefer to read it. Once I’ve got the notes I’m fine, but Thelma can do it with no notes at all, she’s extra quick. She’s 93, she’s been my friend for many years. She’s got a good ear, she’s got a far better ear than I have.”

– Kathleen Catterall, 16 June 2016

Photo by Nina Kourea