Hit Parade

My mum got a job at Kembla Radio Services behind the record bar [in the late 50s/early 60s]. And my job for her would be to write down the tunes they played on the hit parade on the radio on a Sunday night because people would come in the next day and say to mum, ‘can I have number 2 on the hit parade’ and mum wouldn’t have a clue what it was. So she had my little note there and she’d find them the record and then they could listen to it in the listening booth. 

“My very first portable radio, oh my goodness was I so happy to get it. It weighed quite a few bricks. I loved it. It was a transistor, battery operated and I used to love sunbaking up in the backyard. I’d take it up and I’d lay my towel out and put my radio on and lie there and listen to it and I’d be in seventh heaven.

– Robyn Stubbs (née Paull), 12 August 2016

– photo of the record section inside Kembla Radio Service in the 60s provided by Ron Southall.