I was a whizz

“I started working at Fox Brothers in ’59. Fox Brothers were in Pitt Street in Sydney and they were looking to open another branch in an area that was blossoming, and so they sent some people down to have a look. The area up near Hill 60 was expanding so they thought if they opened up a plumbing, hardware and paint store in Port Kembla, it would probably flourish. Which it did, for many years.

“I was very fortunate because they sent me to Sydney to learn how to operate a comptometer. I was only 16 or 17 at the time and I didn’t want to stay in the city on my own so it was arranged that I would stay at my aunt’s in Manly, get the ferry over to Sydney and then walk down Pitt Street to go to Fox Brothers to learn how to use this machine.

“The comptometer was a great whopping big thing, it was pre-decimal. It’s like a calculator but it tallied up while you were working flat out. I was a whizz on it.”

Robyn Stubbs (née Paull), 12 August 2016

Photo of Robyn outside the old site of Fox Brothers on the corner of Wentworth and Fitzwilliam Streets, now Pipduck.

Photo by Nina Kourea.