We were fearless

“A few years back, Destination Wollongong asked Red Point Artists if there was something that could be done towards the revitalisation of Port Kembla. It had been 25 years since the Billy Cart Derby ran, so it was mentioned, of course, me being old Port Kembla. Val kept putting her hand up and saying, ‘that’d be great, that’d be great, we can do that’, and Wynne and I are sitting there thinking about how much we were going to have to do. Finally, a decision was made that yes, we would do the Billy Cart Derby. It was pretty daunting but we were fearless and away we went and we brought the Derby back in 2012 and did it for three years.”

Dulcie dal Molin, Red Point Artists, 29 January 2016

Photo of Dulcie dal Molin by Nina Kourea – taken outside Red Point Artists/Kembla Court on Wentworth Street.