Scratches and Bruises

“There was always the Billy Cart Derby to look forward to, that was always a great day. I remember my brother used to go for the fruit boxes as they were made of timber slats. He’d be over at the tip at Kembla rail with all the other boys, searching for old prams to get the wheels off. They were pretty flimsy billy carts that the kids made, of course. The factories built their sleek models, their super carts. We’d always come home with scratches and bruises and lumps off us, as they’d all crash. We were very proud of the Billy Cart Derby as kids because we had something that the other towns didn’t have.”

Dulcie dal Molin, Red Point Artists, 29 January 2016

Photo of Dulcie dal Molin by Nina Kourea – taken outside Red Point Artists/Kembla Court on Wentworth Street.