Living the Dream

“It was very grass roots. I don’t actually remember if we got any money at all to be honest, maybe there was some funding, I can’t remember. When I was going down memory lane, I dug out an old poster and I’ve got this one. There was an amazing artist here, a lady called Lucy Merritt who was a very good friend of Ann Martin’s and she did a lot of screen printing – we had a lot of screen printing artists who used to work out here and had studio spaces out here in Port Kembla. This is one of the posters Lucy did – that’s Roselyn and the Lions,  do you remember that movie? It was a foreign movie which was trendy at the time.”

– John Bonner, 17 August 2017

Photo by: Nina Kourea

The Star Cafe, Wentworth Street, Port Kembla
(still from video footage shot by Tom Spence in 1991 – reproduced courtesy of John Bonner)