The Star Cafe

“I came to this area in the late 80s to go to school to study arts and it was really Ann who got it all going. It was a council scheme to revitalize port Kembla and she had a grant in 1991 and she approached us, because we had a band, and asked “do you want to run a performance café for a week?”. And that’s how it all started. It was called The Star Cafe. It’s all closed up now but it used to be a Macedonian milk bar. It was run by a guy called Lubja and you’d go in there and it was like something out of the 50s, old guys playing chess, drinking whiskey, that sort of thing. It was a place where Macedonian men hung out. You’d get these shish kebabs, and it had sort of two rooms – it had a milk bar room and then it had another room on the other side so it was like a u-shape.”

– John Bonner, 17 August 2017

Photo: Nina Kourea