A line of sight

“We sold everything at the shop, small appliances, toasters, Mixmaster, fridges, stoves, bikes, mowers, stereo systems, radios and then TVs of course. We also installed antennas. Everything we sold we serviced.

“We used to sell a lot of antennas in July/August because everybody had 60 footers and the winds used to blow ’em down. We did very well out of TVs. When TVs first started, there were only Sydney TV stations, there was no local TV stations. Sydney is quite a way away and Wollongong wasn’t a real good area for TV reception. But at our shop, we could get Sydney TV stations with the indoor antennas, because Port Kembla, if you look at the map, comes out and around so we’ve virtually got a line of sight to Sydney. I think we had the first TV reception anywhere in the Illawarra, you know.”

Ron Southall, Kembla Radio Service, 12 August 2016

Photo of the interior of Kembla Radio Service in the 60s supplied by Ron Southall.