Beautiful glass

“We used to have beautiful glass going all the way into the doorway entrance to the shop where we used to display our radios and bikes. But they’d come along in the night and just smash the plate glass and pinch the stuff out of the window. While you’d think that was bad enough, the glass was expensive and we couldn’t get insurance. It cost about the same amount of money to brick it up and put a door on it as it did for one pane of glass. It was one of the saddest things we ever did. There wasn’t much business, we weren’t making any money and we just couldn’t afford to keep replacing the glass.”

Ron Southall, Kembla Radio Service, 12 August 2016

Photo of Ron Southall outside the old site of Kembla Radio Service by Nina Kourea.


Photo of exterior Kembla Radio Service in the 1940s from the collections of the Wollongong City Libraries and the Illawarra Historical Society.